Made to measure by MAFU Automation

True to our slogan "we start where others stop", MAFU Automation designs, plans, creates and installs complete solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs. For this, we use our high-performance components where it is economically reasonable and technically possible.

Spring fitting system

The MAFU Automation spring fitting system is a compact and fully-automatic system for fitting contact springs in the proper position in supplied ABS and ESP control housings. The system recognises the control housing to be filled on the basis of a data matrix code, provides the required number of springs and places them autonomously into the control housing.

To ensure that the springs function one hundred percent, the filled housings are then transferred to a testing station and checked for contact, length, size and presence. Once the mechanical and electrical test of the springs has been successfully completed, the housings are ejected ready for further processing. The system has been fitted with a modem-controlled remote servicing unit for worldwide use, so that any faults can be analysed and remedied.

Cylinder head ASSEMBLY

This system is a solution for delivering and feeding of valve spring components for cylinder head assembly in the automobile industry. The individual components consisting of the valve filter, the valve key, the spring shank seal and the spring seats are delivered fully automatically and sent onward for assembly. The integrated parts check identifies and ejects damaged, defective or duplicate parts.

Spring feed system for medical technology

The MAFU Automation spring feed systems detangle, deliver and feed springs for the assembly of inhalation equipment fully automatically. Due to the length of the springs, the required high feed rate and the system's suitability for use in cleanrooms, the MAFU spring feed system is a technically complex solution.

Roller filling system

The MAFU roller filling system enables different gear assemblies of different heights to be filled with cylinder pins fully automatically on both sides. The cylinder pins are delivered on several lines via a parts bunker and feed rails.

Spring grinding PLATE feed system

The spring grinding disk feed system from MAFU Automation enables compression springs to be detangled fully automatically and transferred to a spring grinding disk system. The springs are detangled in a MAFU drum, fed via conveyor rails to the injector blocks and individually blown into the loading station in a 5fold separating tool.

Feed for plastic injection moulding tools

Every year, millions of cable plug connectors are used in the electronics industry. Accordingly, the production of the connectors, known in the trade jargon as wire end ferrules, must be rationalised and above all automated.

In order to elevate the production of wire end ferrules covered with coloured plastic to a new level and to offer an automation solution to the plastics processing industry, MAFU Automation developed a 144fold wire end ferrule feeder for a plastic injection moulding machine. This is equivalent to an output of 35,000 wire end ferrules per hour.

Industry solutions on video

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