Good, professional consultation is an important factor when it comes to solution-orientated developments. Only those who are able to correctly anticipate in advance what will be required and who are familiar with all the possibilities are in a position to provide their customers with optimum consultation. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the available technologies and processes, we are able to give you exactly the right advice in terms of the solution, and in so doing achieve the best results to meet your needs.


An extensive analysis of all the processes involved is the first stage of any new project. This is how we gain extensive knowledge of all the influencing factors and therefore of all the potential sources of errors. Following on from that, detailed feasibility studies enable us to make a well-founded statement about the scope of the necessary developments and the optimum level of automation required.

Concept developments

Besides our know-how, over four decades worth of experience go into our concepts. This means that we always give you approaches to solutions that take account of all details and eventualities. This gives you the security of being able to select the best alternative to suit your needs and get an optimum solution.

Project management

Well thought through and thorough project management is an important key to the successful realisation of projects. At MAFU, we leave nothing to chance. Besides special qualifications, our project leaders have the necessary experience to optimally control the projects with which they are tasked.

For this, staff with the best qualifications are backed up by state-of-the-art IT tools. This means that from start to finish, we can optimally and efficiently influence the process at every stage of the project and in so doing achieve shorter project durations and the best results.