mafu optical testing systems

The optical measuring technology from MAFU Automation is used for contactless geometric measurement and shape measurement as well as for determining the position of parts. Universal image processing systems and part-specific devices for measuring bulk small parts are used for this. Industrial image processing is primarily used for the 2D measurement of flat surfaces that is done either with backlighting as a silhouette or with vertical light. The reliable detection of surface defects such as scratches, dents and eruptions is a major performance point as is defining the position of parts.

mafu continuous flow checking system

The MAFU small parts checking system with an integrated Checkbox Compact from Festo is an optical checking system for flexible position recognition and small parts checking as well as for type identification in bulk material feed processes. The complete system consists of spiral feeders designed on the 3D CAD system to the customer's specifications. Modular conveyor belts with one or two blow-off positions, the Checkbox Compact camera system from Festo, NIO parts containers, a pneumatic service unit and complete electrical installation.

Thanks to the simple teach-in function, many different parts geometries are taught in quickly, i.e. without much programming effort.

mafu checking table

MAFU checking table solutions are used for quick, fully-automatic, high-speed and highly accurate geometry checking and for the quality control of small bulk parts. The solutions are designed as independent – or fully integrable – stations for a particular parts spectrum, and they offer a wide range of evaluation possibilities thanks to the programmability of the image processing system. Areas of use are 100% checks during production, receiving inspections and also the sorting and packing of small parts. Parts that are checked are turned, punched, pressed and injection moulded parts with a stable position such as nuts, screws, threaded bushings and washers as well as shaped parts with a very wide range of geometries.

mafu force/displacement testing system

The MAFU Automation spring testing system is a compact and fully-automatic system for testing force and displacement on all types of compression springs. The system detangles, sorts and separates compression springs on a turntable that feeds them into a testing station. The springs are tested in a force/displacement system in order to ensure one hundred percent quality of the springs.

mafu mechanical testing systems

MAFU mechanical testing systems are used for part-specific contour checking. Masks are used here in the respective solutions to check the outer contours. This ensures that components that are outside the parts tolerance or do not meet the customer's specifications are not forwarded to the next stage of the process. The checking masks can be designed as quick-change parts so that the shortest changeover times to the various components can be ensured.

Checking systems on video

Up-to-date videos from MAFU Automation dealing with the subject of testing systems can be found at our media centre.

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