Plastic pipette

3.5-second cycle

Silicone parts

2.5-second cycle

Sure Seals

1.5-second cycle

Ring filters

2-second cycle


2-second cycle

Spring seats

2-second cycle

Valve stem seal

2-second cycle

Cable lug

3-second cycle


2.5-second cycle

Polyamide BOWL feeder

MAFU-PA bowl feeders are suitable for pre-sorting, sorting, transporting and delivering parts. MAFU-PA bowl feeders are designed to the customer's specifications on a 3D CAD system and are manufactured by 5axis machining. This allows the plastic vibratory bowl to be flexibly designed and provides the major advantage of reproducibility.

Steel BOWL feeder

MAFU bowl feeders are suitable for pre-sorting, sorting, transporting and delivering parts. Thanks to a wide selection of feeder bowls, designs and materials, MAFU bowl feeders can be adapted to any bulk material that needs transporting and to an extremely wide range of jobs and locations.

Plate lifting feeder

Pushers moving in opposite directions transport the bulk material out of the hopper of the MAFU plate lifting conveyor and transfer it to the MAFU linear feeder. The width and thickness of the pusher are adapted to the bulk material being processed, so that extremely gentle handling of the parts can be guaranteed. This variable pusher thickness pre-sorts and limits the quantity of the parts being transported. A low and therefore ergonomically optimum filling height can be ensured even at high discharge heights.

Drum feeder "Big"

Thanks to the technical principle of the MAFU "BIG" drum feeder, this feed system allows several feed lines to be set up within a very restricted space. This enables the number of feedlines to be determined according to the desired feed capacity. Either 5 or 6 feed lines are sufficient in most cases, depending on the feed capacity. However, MAFU Automation has already realised feed solutions with up to 43 lines. The robust MAFU "BIG" drum conveyor is designed for parts such as screws, bolts, sleeves or nails so that even when the feed solution runs in three-shift operation, it can be guaranteed that only minor signs of wear will occur.

Ball feeder

The MAFU ball feeder is designed for an extensive variety of balls. The system can be designed so that it is permanently for a single ball diameter, or it can be adjustable for a range of ball diameters. The system can also be configured as a multi-line feed solution. The feed capacity of the MAFU ball feeder is that of a high-performance system, and it can deliver up to 350 parts per minute.

Shaft feeder

The shaft feeder is designed for shafts or rod-shaped parts. The parts are deposited on a chute bundled and lying crossways. There is also provision for a bunker belt to handle larger bunker volumes. The parts are separated via the cycled rakes. One side wall is fixed in place. A quick adjustment facility allows the other side wall to be adjusted to the required part length, or it is mirrored. A drive powered by an electric motor is used for long cycle times or for heavy parts.


Our range includes the proper hopper systems to enable the MAFU detangling technology and also the sorting and feed units to achieve a high degree of autonomy. Some of its most important properties are the filling volume, its simple and ergonomical handling and high process reliability. If the MAFU standard solutions do not do what is required for the tasks, even special solutions present no problem.

Conveyor belts

MAFU conveyor belts are available in many different lengths and are also optionally available with modular, customer-specific features. The belt speeds are also steplessly adjustable and can be flexibly switched to right and left running.


MAFU linear feeders transport parts in one direction by means of electromagnetic vibrations. Their stand-out features are a compact and closed design and additionally optimised vibration force balancing. An enhancement has enabled a longer and wider linear feeder installation space to be achieved, thereby significantly extending the scope of configuration options for the feeder line.


If our customers want to extend their MAFU systems or adapt them to meet new requirements, at MAFU Automation we can supply and – if required – also set up any accessory or spare part from simple frames to more complex modules. Our accessories also include linear and circular drives in different sizes and versions. Our great vertical integration of over 90% means that we can guarantee extremely short delivery periods.

Control units

The electronic frequency control unit used by MAFU Automation is used to steplessly control inductive loads such as bowl feeders, linear feeders and bunkers. The control unit works on the principle of pulse width modulation (PWM) within the half-waves with an adjustable period of between 20 Hz and 99 Hz. The delivery rate is adjusted by setting the magnet voltage using the input keypad. Programmable via the keypad, the setpoint value can also be set via an external analogue voltage, analogue current or a potentiometer.

Feed technology on video

Up-to-date videos from MAFU Automation dealing with the subject of feeding technology can be found at our media centre.

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