After the project implementation, the next step is the integration and commissioning of the devices and solutions in the production environment of the customer. In order to ensure a fast and efficient operation here, we support you by experienced and highly-trained service technicians in this important process step.

  • Rely on us, Anytime


Very often, the devices have been designed in an expensive way. In order to make sure that they can realize the envisaged tasks reliably and efficiently, a professional operation is indispensable. The MAFU specialists therefore train your staff on site within the production environment and thus provide the necessary expertise for a qualified operation of the devices.

Spare parts

Even the best machines wear out with regular use. We provide you quickly and easily with the necessary spare parts and provide important support by our highly qualified service technicians if needed. Thus, your production will only be interrupted as long as absolutely necessary.


Life is change and also technical solutions call for a constant evolution. We support you in adapting and expanding your systems and implement together with you the development of your production processes.