German bin picking centre

As a result of new developments in object position recognition, picking point calculation and picking technologies, not to mention the precise supplying of downstream processes, many applications can now be economically automated by MAFU Automation.

The MAFU Automation bin picking systems continuously remove chaotically arranged parts from a transport container such as a lattice box or pallet and supply downstream processes with a level of technical availability greater than 95%. The highly flexible "reliable bin picking" system was developed using the special software, the MAFU Workcell Manager and the communication server. This utilises standard robots with six axes, a standard industrial PC and an image processing system with a firewire interface.

At MAFU Automation, complete "bin picking" robot cells are available in the test centre for carrying out feasibility tests. This allows the entire "bin picking" process to be examined at MAFU Automation ahead of the project and documented for the customer – from component identification to complete emptying of the bin.

Bin picking on video

Up-to-date videos from MAFU Automation dealing with the subject of pin picking can be found at our media centre.

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